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Heritage Homes

Premier Properties Website

Having identified a growing demand for ultra-luxury residences on the Isle of Man, Heritage Homes created a new range of properties called the Premier Collection, which were designed specifically to meet the needs of the High Net Worth (HNW) client.

The promotion of the Premier Collection would be managed by the Heritage Homes sales and marketing team on the Isle of Man. Reaching HNWs in the UK and further afield would be a much bigger challenge, so we were asked to create a cost-effective solution, which would enable our client to reach this highly mobile and sophisticated target audience.

Initial research findings clearly demonstrated that ‘selling’ the Isle of Man to the target audience would be just as important as promoting the Premier Collection itself, but the challenge lay in finding a way to communicate a complex range of messages in a single, cohesive manner.

Our solution? A dedicated ‘Premier Collection’ property and lifestyle website, which would serve as a comprehensive magazine-style resource for individuals or businesses considering a move to the Isle of Man.

Following the website design and build we promoted the site through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords, Online and Offline PR and continue to maintain and report on the site’s performance on behalf of Heritage Homes.

The full website was designed and launched in a tight timescale and delivered within budget. Since the launch of sales of Premier Collection properties have doubled.