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Elizabeth Cubbon
Girl Friday – does everything!
PR, copywriting, organising and social media

More qualifications than Stephen Hawkins (well, almost), Elizabeth brings a whole new slant to our Homing. A real ‘bright young thang’ with a background in broadcast journalism, she puts her hand to everything but is becoming more heavily involved in our PR and social media work. A bit of a perfectionist and real dedication to the clients cause - a whatever it takes attitude – has quickly made her a vital part of the team.

You know what they say about highly qualified people that are totally professional at work... Well, let’s just say that our Elizabeth has a few nuances! Let’s start with hair... One of the regular sweepstakes at work is what colour it will be. Will it be a colour flash or an all over? And then there’s the piercings and tattoos... but we’ve plenty of time to plumb those seemingly bottomless depths of mystery and intrigue... :¬)

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