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James Qualtrough
New Media Director, coast guard, socially social
Social, online, pr, seo and other black arts...

Remember when our parents were saying ‘What are you doing on the computer, get outside and play’? Well, James’s didn’t – and we thank them for that every day! Sure, he had friends, families, houses, cities and even communities, all under his control - on his laptop! So, just what has this strange, and some would say sheltered, upbringing created? Probably one of the most down to earth, yet highly talented, online tecsavvywhizzkids that help our clients make the most of their online presence. As head of new media relations he helps with everything from setting up social packages, training and guidance to website optimisation and online PR with a thought process that is unique. Match all this with his award winning Chartered Institute of Marketing background and you have someone who can sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes setting an online strategy for your business.

Fighting the geekynerd image and dispelling the myth that Social Media experts melt if they go out in the daylight, James spends his spare time mountain biking (having finished the End2End Challenge), fell walking and used to risk life and limb as one of our Island’s coastguard cliff rescue teams – having helped save a wallaby and half a dozen sheep!

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