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Leo Fosdal
Senior Creative, on the edge
Extreme creativity!

He won’t thank us for saying it, but Leo is THE king of logos! You tell him your business idea, he’ll see it in colours, fonts, layouts and logo’s. The Pringles of the creative world – once he’s popped, he just can’t stop. But it’s not just design – websites, Flash, 3D, movie making, film editing; a broad range of skills across multiple platforms that means he will always find the best way to promote our clients. Oh, and did we say, he’s also one of the nicest blokes you will meet – we all love him!

A seemingly gentle giant, Leo (like so many of our Homies) has a dark side. Maybe it’s his Viking ancestry but show him an extreme sport and get ready to pick up the pieces! His big thing is Kitesurfing – and you’ve just got to see the videos...amazing! He’s also into extreme mountain biking (another of our End2End’ers), extreme white van driving and extreme decorating – with his wife.

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