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Sarah Pitts
Mum (at work). Spittsy (on the beer). Spittler (when she’s angry!)
Senior Account Manager and our mum
Making things happen, improvements and client relationships

Sarah is our most experienced Account Manager and makes sure our suppliers and clients get what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Being our mum she also makes sure we are all looked after or kept in check – depending on the situation! A great relationship builder and appears to see stress as some form of relaxation technique – just as well seeing as she holds the record for longest hours worked in one sitting – 36! It really doesn’t matter what we say about Sarah - if you want to find out what makes her so special, just ask her clients.

A late convert to the mountain bike brigade, Sarah and partner John regularly battle the elements in their quest to finish the End2End challenge. When the sedate pace of mountain biking gets too much, you’ll find them at Jurby race track where our mum turns into her alter ego – rocket fuelled biker chick! Just to confuse the balance even more, she’s a talented artist and photographer! Sarah’s perfect sandwich? Rossi on one side, Beckham on the other and Sarah snuggled in the middle!

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